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Background information

Type of species farmed (Source: 2023, EUMOFA) 

Aquaculture activity in Luxembourg is limited.


Sector’s size (production and consumption) (Source: 2023, EUMOFA; 2023, STECF-22-17) 

  • Production: landlocked countries are not obliged to report aquaculture data (2023, STECF-22-17) 
  • Consumption of fishery and aquaculture products (2021): 31,42 Kg/per capita (EUMOFA) 
  • % Variation in consumption 2021/2020: -2% (EUMOFA)  


Trends (past and future) (Source: MNSPA)

Luxembourg is a country with little developed aquaculture but wants to promote recirculating aquaculture systems with particular emphasis on high animal welfare standards, low energy consumption and circular economy. 


Impact of aquaculture in the country’s economy, food market and labour market (Source: MNSPA) 

99% of fisheries and aquaculture products are imported, therefore domestic production represents less than 1%.


Challenges and opportunities (Source: MNSPA) 


  • Limited availability of land for aquaculture and difficult access to land: high land prices. 
  • High environmental requirements and regulatory restrictions and no access to rivers or lakes for open space aquaculture farming. 
  • No local fish feed production and fish hatcheries 


  • High purchasing power of Luxembourg consumers and willingness of the majority of the population to spend more money on a local product. 
  • High consumption of fish and other fishery products in Luxembourg compared to European average. 
  • Growing demand for sustainable and ethical aquaculture products. 

MNSP to develop sustainable aquaculture

Plan strategique national de l’aquaculture pour le Luxembourg

Summary in English of the "Published National Strategic Plan on Aquaculture": National Strategic Plan for Aquaculture of Luxembourg for the period 2023-2030

National associations and networks

Contact Details

  • Name and surname: Mrs. Jeanne Bormann 
  • Position held and name of the organisation: Head of unit animal production – Administration des services techniques de l’agriculture 
  • Email address:; 
  • Telephone number: +352 45 71 72 241 


Summary in English of the "Published National Strategic Plan on Aquaculture" for Luxembourg
(464.6 KB - PDF)